What Happens During a Housecall?


At your scheduled appointment time, Dr. Driehuys will arrive at your home with her assistant(s) and the equipment and supplies necessary for your pet.


Dr. Driehuys will ask you questions to obtain an understanding of your pet's personality, behavior, nutrition, activity, and health concerns. This initial interview provides time for your pet to become acclimated to Dr. Driehuys and allows her to observe your pet in his/her home environment.


Your pet will then have a complete physical examination. All findings will be recorded in a medical record which will be kept electronically using state-of-the-art veterinary software.


Finally, any recommended diagnostics, vaccinations, medications, or preventive care will be discussed with you and together a plan will be formulated for comprehensive care of your pet. At the conclusion of the visit, educational material and an invoice will be provided.

Housecall FAQs

Why choose CHMVH?

CHMVH is a private veterinary practice started by Dr. Sunita Driehuys. Dr. Driehuys has many years of experience in small animal veterinary medicine in the Triangle area. Her desire to provide high quality care for dogs and cats with personal attention for each client and patient led to the development of this unique practice in Chapel Hill.

What services can be provided?

Most of the professional services that comprise an outpatient office visit in a traditional hospital can be done in the housecall setting. Many of the services Dr. Driehuys provides are listed on the services page of this website.

What if my pet is anxious?

Most pets are more relaxed at home than in a veterinary hospital and respond well to home examination. Dr. Driehuys will instruct the owner on specific calming techniques for individual patients as needed. Occasionally soft cloth muzzles are used to prevent biting. Cats should be confined to a bathroom or pet carrier prior to the scheduled appointment.

What costs can be expected?

In general the cost of veterinary care with CHMVH is comparable to the cost at traditional veterinary hospitals. Clients appreciate the convenience of home appointments, direct access to Dr. Driehuys, and thorough examinations and discussions of their pet's needs. Pet health insurance will reimburse for CHMVH services. Within the five-mile radius shown on the Hours & Area page a travel fee of $37 is assessed for each housecall, regardless of the number of pets treated. There is a discounted travel fee for clients within Southern Village. Physical examination/consultation is $55-$75 per pet. An estimate for all other services will gladly be provided upon request. Prices for inventory products are comparable to other hospitals and internet providers. CHMVH matches internet prices for flea/tick prevention and heartworm prevention.